Our Story...

We’re Nina and Randi, two friends who had the idea for Thrive on Five in summer 2013, inspired by all the media coverage about getting your 5-a-day. As busy mums, we became slightly obsessed with getting more vegetables into our families’ diets but didn’t have the time to prepare vegetables with every meal. If you’re a mum, you’ll understand. So, we began by creating several recipes with all 5-a-day in every dish, trialling the meals amongst family, friends and colleagues. The portions were perfectly sized for lunch or dinner, and the variety of flavours and textures were well received, even amongst die-hard meat eaters.

5-a-day in one dish may sound a little ambitious but when vegetables are cooked or dried they generally decrease in weight. It’s mainly water that’s lost but the nutrients remain. So, you’re left with good stuff but a lot less bulk.

All the initial positive feedback encouraged us to launch Thrive on Five on a stall at Hammersmith market. We weren’t aiming at vegetarians, we wanted to appeal to people who took a ‘flexitarian’ approach to their diets. Our unique take on recommended daily guidelines offered people something tasty and convenient.

Before we knew it, we were writing and producing a cookbook which we launched in 2015. Even if you don’t have access to our products you can still share in our healthy eating philosophy. Some of the recipes are available for free on this website.

Over 2-years things grew quickly and we now supply to retailers in the London area. We have a small team of full-time chefs who prepare every dish by hand and everything we sell is produced to order, fresh on the day.

We’ve also relaxed our obsession with getting all 5 into every dish and started to think about your meal and snack needs. Today, through our products and recipes, Thrive on Five brings you foods with one, two, three, four and five of your 5-a-day.

What started out as two mums looking after their families has become our passion. Now we’re obsessed with getting more vegetables into your diet.

Eat healthy and thrive.

Nina & Randi