Obesity Balloons As More Miss 5-A-Day Target

The NHS has just reported the rate of hospital admissions involving obesity doubled in the last five years, the rate rising by 20% in the last year alone. Women account for about two-thirds of cases.

The review also found that as the trend to fattier diets continues, three quarters of adults are failing to hit the 5-a-day target.  People are more likely to eat less than 3 portions than eat 5 or more.  Those aged 16 to 24 were least likely to eat 5-a-day.  Experts are warning that adult diets are increasingly focussed on high calorie, high salt ready meals.

In February a study by Imperial College argued that we should be eating 10 portions a day for maximum health benefit but official advice will not be updated while so few manage to get anywhere close to 5-a-day.