Healthy Diet is Now Cheaper than Junk

Researchers have found that healthy food is actually cheaper to buy than junk food, dismissing previous studies that suggested junk was more affordable.  The obesity crisis is often blamed on expensive healthy food and relatively cheap junk, but researchers say using economic deprivation as an excuse for obesity is no longer tenable.  The new study 'Chip as Chips: Is a healthy diet affordable?' was recently published by the Institute of Economic Affairs and compared 78 food products from Tesco and Asda .

Evidence shows that obesity has increased alarmingly while incomes have risen and food prices have fallen.  Obesity rates are highest among middle-income earners and are also higher in rich countries than in poor countries.  As people become richer, they do not generally by more fruit and vegetables.

Mr Snowden, the author he report said ' A diet of muesli, rice, white meat, fruit and vegetables is much cheaper than a diet of Coco-Pops, ready meals, red meat, sugary drinks and fast food...A nutritious diet is more affordable than ever'