Can Juicing Really Make You Fat?

One fruit is squeezed, its sugar becomes ‘free’ and more easily absorbed into your body.  Not only that, but squeezing the juice out of a fruit concentrates the calories, making it easier for us to consume too much, which over time can lead to weight gain.   If you eat a solid piece of fruit on the other hand, sugar is release much more gradually, as the body has to break down the cells in the fruit’s flesh.  While the same is true for vegetables, veggies in general contain much less sugar so the impact is not as great.

A glass of juice or smoothie is a really easy way to get one portion of you 5-a-day, and usually includes plenty of vitamins and other natural healthy substances. But Public Health England advise having juice with a meal to lessen the risk of tooth decay, and a maximum of 150ml per day to help keep sugar consumption to a sensible level.