Research has shown that increasing our intake of fruit and vegetables to 10-a-day can significantly reduce disease and improve health.  The research conducted by Imperial College London was broad, covering 95 different studies and 2 million people.  It found eating 10 portions a day cut the risk of premature death by almost a third.  The authors estimate that eating 5-a-day could prevent 32,000 premature deaths, while eating 10-a-day could prevent 53,000.  10-a-day would cut the risk of cancer by 13% and heart disease by 24%, they claim. 7,200 deaths from cancer and almost 14,000 deaths from strokes a year could be prevented.  Compelling statistics.

But let’s be realistic.  The UK government has not changed its solid 5-a-day advice in years, and nor is it likely to, when 1 in 3 of us still struggle to get anywhere close to the target.  But the message is clear, the more the better, and we have to do better, particularly when it comes to vegetables and variety!