Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth

The 'Clean Eating' movement led by the likes of Deliciously Ella, the Hemsley sisters and Natasha Corrett has come under some scrutiny of late, both in the papers, on social media, and on the TV.  If you did not catch 'Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth' on BBC2 the last two Thursdays, then it's well worth watching on the Iplayer.  The programme examines many of the claims made by these best-selling authors and finds that few of these clean eating fads, if any, are based on scientific fact.  That may be the 'dirty truth', but at least these ladies have made us examine our diets much more closely and made us far more aware of what we are eating.  They do at least try and encourage us to eat more vegetables, to Thrive on Five, 5-a-day, which is based on scientific study, and which we should all be supporting.