Can Bitter Tasting Veggies Help You Lose Weight?

Scientists in New Zealand have found a natural plant substance that could help us lose weight.  The bitter tasting substance, which is calorie free, exploits the fact that eating bitter foods encourages the release of three satiety hormones, making us feel full.  Named 'Amarasate', it was found after NZ scientists examined over 900 plant extracts in the lab, but it remains a trade secret which plant the bitter substance comes from.

Author of the study John Ingram says 'This highlights the importance of bitterness in the diet.....If you look at how food has changed with selection and breeding of sweeter and sweeter products, and the de-bittering of various foods, bitterness is slowly being removed out of our diets.....we need to bring bitterness back'

He hopes the substance will be available as a supplement in New Zealand in around a year, and in Europe within three to five years.