How do you get children eating veg?

The answer is to offer your youngsters 5-a-day for 15 days when weaning .  New research has found that feeding babies a wide variety of vegetables during the first 15 days of weaning will make children more receptive to eating them.  The University College London, who conducted the research, showed that giving babies simple vegetables during early weaning makes them more likely to enjoy them. In the UK we tend to wean our children with baby rice which is bland, or fruit puree which is sweet, rather than getting babies used to the taste of vegetables.  Dr Alison Fildes, co-author of the report said ‘the weaning period usually lasts five to seven months and children are very receptive to new tastes and we want to take advantage of that opportunity by introducing a variety of vegetables during that time.  It’s about being exposed to a great variety of vegetables rather than great quantities’