In This Week's News: CocoPops and Frosties to be banned under Labour!

Cocopops and Frosties are to be banished from the breakfast table if Labour get into government in May!  Their intention is to ban foods targeted at kids that are high in fat, sugar and salt.  A rather blunt instrument to attack obesity but maybe we have come to this.  We are now the second fattest country in Europe, two-thirds of our adults and one-third of our kids are obese, 68% of hospital admissions are diet related and all of this is costing us £47 billion a year!

Or has the Nanny State gone Mad?  Action on Sugar, supported by Jamie Oliver, is proposing a slightly less draconian tax on sugar.  This too would encourage the large multi-national food chains to offer us some more healthy alternatives, and at least we would get some more choice.  Adding sugar, fat and salt is a currently a really cheap way for these companies to make unappealing food taste better.

Not having the clout of the multi-nationals or the government, Thrive on Five tries to use the humble carrot rather than the stick to encourage healthier choices, providing tasty and convenient vegetable-based meals, snacks and recipes based on family favourites.  If we can make healthy meals and snacks as tasty as their junk alternatives, in our experience kids will eat them!  But better let them make the choice, rather than the government!