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If you are following Thrive on Five, you are most likely interested in healthy eating.  There is so much fascinating research out there, our blog will regularly post a summary of the main stories, with links, to allow you to catch up on anything you've missed.  4 stories this month....

1) Pasta Leftovers - Healthier than Freshly Cooked?

While working on the BBC's 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor' scientists made an astonishing discovery.   They found that reheating pasta reduced the rise in blood sugar levels in the body by 50% compared to freshly made pasta, therefore reducing the likelihood of putting on weight and developing diabetes!

2) A 'Healthy Diet' Costs Three Times That of 'Junk Food'

The University of Cambridge Centre for Diet and Activity Research studied the differences in prices between healthy and unhealthy food between 2002 and 2012 in the UK.

The findings echo a much wider study covering ten nations from the Harvard School of Public Health published in December 2013, which showed eating a healthy diet cost about £1 a day more than an unhealthy one.  This adds up to over £1,000 a year, very significant for the average family. Both studies suggest governments look more closely at subsidising the cost of healthy foods.

Interestingly the biggest difference in prices related to meats/proteins, which according to UK government advice, should make up only 12% of the average diet.  Often overlooked, two thirds of daily intake should be made up of fruits, vegetables and starchy foods (wholegrains where possible) .  So if you eat seasonal produce, plan carefully to cut down on waste, and follow government guidelines on protein intake and a balanced diet, it is very possible to cut the costs of a healthy diet. 

3) Help Fight Breast Cancer with a 'Plant -Based' Diet

A report published by The World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF), the world's biggest study into surviving breast cancer, advises eating a plant-based diet, as well as keeping to a healthy weight and regular physical activity.  However World Cancer Research Fund International’s expert panel of scientists believes the available scientific evidence is still not strong enough to give concrete recommendations specifically to survivors - See more at:

And if your tan is fast fading, and you missed this article over the summer, this research piece should cheer you up: 

4) Better than a Tan! Healthier Glow from 5-a Day!

Scientists at Leeds and St Andrews Universities found that eating vegetables can give you a healthier glow than a tan: