You really should get your 5-a-day, everyday!

In our trawl of the daily papers, this study from Birds Eye yet again confirmed that Britons do not eat enough vegetables.  Many struggle to find interesting things to make with vegetables. If this applies to you, we hope our regular recipe feature will help you.

We also came across this article which suggests that 'Eating Veg Combats Diabetes', yet another reason to get your 5-a-day, everyday!:

Eating a vegetable based diet not only helps reduce the risk of diabetes, but can even reverse the debilitating condition, doctors say.  Dr Neal Barnard of George Washington University School  of Medicine, who authored a recent study says 'No  drug comes close  to offering those with diabetes this kind of relief.  One simple prescription could reverse diabetes, improve blood sugar and lower weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.  And all this is possible, our analysis found, not with a magic pill, but with tried and true simple changes to diet.'